Hello everyone, my name is Armando Quintana III, and I love people and relationships. Life is about talking, listening and getting to know who people truly are at their core. It is extremely important to know why people do the things they do because everyone has their own backstory.

Editor and Publisher of the MF Manifesto

One cannot love people at their full capacity unless they have a sound spirit, sound mind, and sound body and that is what the MF Manifesto is all about. 

Living our life by the motto of helping ourselves and other people feel important is our philosophy. One’s life becomes exponentially better when they understand what makes someone’s heart tick.

Relationships with your partner, friends, co-workers, and strangers will increase in value                 when you can contribute to each other’s smiles.

                           What is this Website all about?                                                                                                       PEOPLE!

How to love someone, how to be a better friend, why you should prioritize your health, why you should help someone and overall how to live a richer life.

We all strive for some form of success in our lives whether that be raising a family, making a certain income, or traveling to all seven continents. It will be easier for us to achieve these events if we remain conscious that we need people’s help to get there. We must always be kind, loving and supportive to all we meet because there is so much to learn.

Let us always remember to put our health and other people first in order to strive and change everyone’s day we meet for the better.

Much love,

Armando Quintana III

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